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What is Neck Joint Service?

Neck Joint  is a sort of garment photo editing manipulation. Ghost mannequin is another name of neck jointing image service. Neck joint is mainly used for creating 2D and 3D shape of different kind of garments items such shirt, pants, jacket and so on. Photographers take images using plastic dolls just to save money because when model will be used, it will be expensive. It is one of the innovative ways to nicely demonstrate the product in a unique shape.


We have got huge neck joint service experience. We would like to request you to contact us and let us prove that what we can do for you for particularly this kind of service. Our price starts at $1.20 and of course price will vary according to the photo complexity.



Our Specialty in Terms of Image Shadowing:

  • Have a dedicated team to support our clients
  • Offer free trial service
  • Offer competitive prices
  • Provide the best possible quality with the help of experts




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