Why Will You Choose Us For Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin Services?

Neck joint service is commonly known as ghost or invisible mannequin services. For 2D and the 3D creation of a variety of garments, plastic dolls used instead of a human figure. For example, T-shirt, trousers, jacket, cardigan, swimsuit, bra, panties, etc.


In general, a little investment of money, small research photographers use to shoot ghost mannequin of different forms that carry real garments from different angles depending on the product. At the same time, they are shot and the inside of the neck of a separate product.


We are expertise on perfectly assembling or adding up Neck part of on any images. We are maintaining the consistency of the design of the products colors, sizes, shapes and with wear & tear. We measure the flow of the construction and shape of the neck, and then output the final image, according to the normal dimensions of which are assumed to be. We are ensuring 100% accuracy of each neck joint service by our experts or professional team members.


We professionally offer Mannequin removal service or Neck Joint  also known as Ghost manipulation Services to the manufacturers, chains store, stock photography companies, online retailers and online store, e-commerce sites, online product sellers and affiliate marketers.

Our experienced team covers all image services as joining together, removes the object and 3-dimensional Shaping etc. Start a FREE TRIAL Today!

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